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Puppy Basic Obedience

This class is limited to puppies 6 months and under.

6 Session Training Series

This is a group class that teaches your young pup what is expected of him or her. Puppies will be taught basic obedience while we play fun training games to help socialize your puppy and teach them proper manners. During this class we cover leash control, sit, down, stay, release, recall and some basic puppy problem solving techniques!


Young Adult Obedience

This class is limited to dogs over 6 months and under 1.5 years.
6 Session Training Series

This training teaches your dog basic commands and what is expected of him or her. We cover basic manners during this class and we also help identify and correct unwanted behaviors during this 6 week session for older puppies!

​Adult Obedience

To enroll in this class, your dog must know basic commands and appropriate social behaviors.

6 Session Training Series

This training course is for adolescent and adult dogs who are 6 months or older and already have a firm grasp on basic commands like sit, come, down, and off. The purpose of this course is to enhance learned behaviors while adding new commands and behaviors such as how to properly greet others and reacting properly towards incoming guests, leave it, take it, focus. During this course we will also introduce distractions and duration of commands to strengthen commands.

Leash Control and Proper Greeting
5 Session Training Course

This course focuses completely on leash control and proper greetings. It's important for the safety of both dogs and humans to know how to properly handle pets while going places such as daycare, your veterinarian’s office or just when you are taking a walk in your neighborhood. This course focuses on how to properly handle your dog while going new places and also on proper greetings for incoming guests.


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