Grooming Services


Our basic bath package includes a bath, blow dry, brush, ear cleaning, and nail trim & grind.

  • Bath: Every pet gets a thorough wash to ensure that all of the dirt and oil is removed from the coat. We also use conditioner on every dog to leave their coats soft, & shiny as well as leaving a great, lasting fresh scent.

  • Blow Dry

  • Nail Trim & Grinding

  • Ear Cleaning & Hair Removal: Each basic bath includes ear cleaning & hair removal from the ear canal (if requested).

  • Each dog is sent up with a bandana and a cologne spritz!

Additional Services available upon request:

  • Foot/Sanitary/Eye trimming/shaving: Just some little touches to neaten their looks! This is minimal trimming for hygiene purposes.

We have a full service grooming salon at My Lucky Dog with appointments available Monday through Saturday. Whether your pup is here to play at daycare and needs a nail trim or you have a doodle that needs regular haircuts, we can accommodate you!

Many factors go into pricing for grooming such as the breed and size of your dog, coat condition, coat type, and behavior. Please call our office for a "ruff" estimate and to book your grooming appointment!

Full Service Grooming

Our Full Service Grooming includes everything listed in the Basic Bath Package as well as a full body trim or cut.

We will do our best to accommodate our client’s wishes and we believe communication is key. We encourage our clients to tell us exactly how they would like their dog cut (bring pictures if that helps!)

Prices vary depending on each dogs coat & behavior. If their coat is especially matted or the dog becomes aggressive while being groomed, additional fees may apply.

For some breed specific haircuts that are considered "premium" trims, we recommend more frequent haircuts for the health of the dog. This is especially true for poodles & doodles. 

À la carte services

The following services are available separate from any grooming or bath packages. Walk-ins welcome!

  • Nail Trim & Grinding (Daycare or Boarding Dogs)- $10

  • Nail Trim & Grinding (Non-Daycare or Boarding Dogs)- $15

  • Nails & Ears Package- $15

  • External Anal Gland Expression- $15

  • Teeth Brushing (*not a dental cleaning)- $8